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Separated Aluminum Foil Corrugating Machine (D300)

1. Max. Width: 300mm (or according to require)
2. Max coil diameter: 1000mm
3. Customize the rollers according to the pleating height and pitch of waves.
4. Speed:20 sheets/min(length:500mm)
5. Motor power:0.75kw
6. Power supply: 380V/50Hz
7. Working air pressure: 0.6MPa
8. Machine weight: 600kg
9. Machine size: 3400x510x1600mm (L x W x H)

1. The roller speed can be controlled through variable-speed motor to accommodate different working conditions.
2. The length of pleated aluminum is adjustable by setting, be cut off automatically.
3. It is equipped with the aluminum edge-doubled device while corrugating. Which prevent the fiber glass from breaking.
4. Use the gathering cylinder to collect products into the container.
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