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Rotary Pleating Machine 5AT



1.       Auto paper decoiler with pneumatic shaft
2.       Tension system adopts magnetic powder constant tension controller
3.       Paper pre-slitting parts use pneumatic knife
4.       Preheating and water steam heating and softing system to make filter paper to easy be pleated and good shape and avoid breaking
5.       Auto Counter
6.       Touch screen PLC control system t
7.       Filter paper post heating and convey system
1.       Pleat speed: 0-40 meter/min
2.       Max. Width: 750 mm (the roller width is 780mm,but the filter paper maximum is 750mm)
3.       Min width:30mm
4.       Max.Pleat height: 70mm
5.       Min. pleat height:20mm
6.       Max. Temperature of Pre-heating and post-heating: 200 centigrage
7.       Power: 14KW 380V 50Hz
8.       Machine weight: 1000KG
9.       Machine dimension: 3450mm x 1800mm x 1200mm
10.   Each pleat height need one set of roller,it will be made according to customer’s required pleat height
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