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Horizontal Gluing Machine


This type of machine is used in gluing the hot melt on the surface of the large air filter.
When the filter is glued in this way, the space between the pleats of the filter will be fixed and the filter itself will be reinforced and stronger.
1. Diameter of filter available: ¢90 - 400mm
2. Filter height (length): ≤750mm
3. Revolution speed: Adjustable 0 - 80/min
4 Pitch of gluing: Adjustable 0 - 150mm
5 Heater power: 3.5KW
6 Power of motor: 0.25W (one) 0.75KW (one)
7 Machine weight: 250KG
8 Machine Dimension: 2200 x 600 x 1400mm 
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