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Full-auto PU Casting Machine (PU-20F)



Make the PU end cap for the filter.
1、Bucket: staingless-sleel tank of three-layer structure with stirring and automatic constant temperature-preservation functions.
2、Pump:slow-speed,high-accurate flow-control pump with precise actuating and display devices.
3、Nozzle:Featuring automatic three position-switching which includes pouring,flow inversing and flushing,without any advancing or lagging.The nozzle pneumatically dislocates after the pouring work and then the automatic flushing course starts through program control.
4、Workbench:The die set is positioned on the self-governed all-around workbench afterwards round or square seal packs or seal pack with special figure would be automatically poured.
5、Control:The temperature,pressure and the extent of pouring would all be displayed digitally while controlled automatically.the workbench is operated in accordance with the requirements displayed from computer screen.
1.Overall output:10~200g/s design mixture ratio: 5:1~1:1 adjustable
2.Automaticshift extent on the pouring nozzle after operation:450mm
3.Maximum size on quadric automatic ladling:400*300(L*W)
4.Maximum size on circular automatic lading:500mm
5.Speed of travel:210m/min
6.Overall power:8kw
7.Power supply:380V.50HZ
8.Tank capacity:120 liter/tank
9.M/C weight:1000kg
10.M/C size:1500*2000*2100mm(L*W*H)
1.Digitally-displayed gage unit program-controlled electronic operation.
2.Stable and accurate measurement self-controlled constant stuff temperature.
3.Originative construction on bucket,stepless-regulation stir.
4.Novel design on nose,precise fine-turning flow inversing structure.
5.The machine designed with X-Y axial square revolving working table which can not only pour square seal pack,but also round and special seal pack.
6. it could produce two differenct color, for example, black and orange color.
It is mainly used to pour PU for auto air filter and industry filter.

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