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Rotary pleating machine (4A)




Filter Paper Pleating machine
1. Pre-slitting, counter, marking, heating, pleating
2. Max. pleating width: 650mm
3. Pleating height: 20- 72mm
4. Pleating speed: 5 - 40M/min
5. Power: 1.5KW 380V 50Hz
6. Heater temperature available: 0°C - 200°C
7. All speed adjustable motor
8. Machine weight: 500KG
9. Machine dimension: 1800mm x 1180mm x 900mm
10.Eeach Pleat height need each roller,
11.Each roller could make different punching on the paper, you could decide which one you want,there are A B C D four type on above picture.when you place order,pls let us know your decision.
12. Machine price have included three size roller, extra roller will be charged ***usd.
***USD on FOB Xingang,China basis.

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